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Recently graduated with a pgDip in Advanced Architecural Design, RIBA Part II, specialising in Urban Design at Strathclyde University, Glasgow.

Due to the economic situation I have decided to return to university to study another degree in Finance with direct entry to 2nd year. And will hopefully return to architecture for part 3 study at a later time.

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Caledonian University, Glasgow, UK
BA(Hons) Finance, Investment & Risk
Strathclyde University, Glasgow, UK
2007 - 2008
RIBA part II
pgDip Advanced Architectural Design
2002 - 2007
RIBA part I (second class honours)
BSc Hons Architectural Studies
Technical university Eindhoven,
Netherlands. (erasmus exchange)
Coltness High School
1997 - 2002
AABCC Highers
Graphic Communication, Mathematics, Information systems, Chemistry, English

Professional Experience

Archial Architects
(formerly SMC Davis Duncan Architects)
26a St Vincent Cresent,
+44 (0)141 248 1700
Ray Davis
July 2005 - November 2008
Part II Architectural Assistant
Involved in a wide range of projects such as refurbishment of listed buildings, residential developments, new build educational facilities and competition bids for NHS. These types of projects have allowed me to further my knowledge at various stages of the project from feasibility through to construction detailing.

Career Objective

Aim to work towards gaining Part III qualification. Aspire to work in a challenging evironment with many opportunites to learn and achieve goals.


Assisted in production of Strathclyde University, Forth and Clyde Canal - Urban Design publication sponsored by GM+AD, Glasgow City Council & NORD (2008)


For inspiration in my design work I like to explore contemporary and conceptual styles of architecture, such as those by David Chipperfield, Will Alsop & Fielden Clegg & Bradley
My interests are in sports,music,socialising & traveling. Currently playing in the Glasgow Architects Football League.

Computer Skills

Microsoft Office

Architecture » Latest Projects

The six most recent pieces of work.

Animal Clinic Canal Forth & Clyde Canal Seamless Splaces Sub Station

Architecture » Professional » Small Animal Clinic

  • Architect: Archial Architects
  • Project: Small Animal Clinic
  • Location: Glasgow
  • Value: £10m
  • Year: 2007-2009
  • Involved in competition bid and construction detailing of internal fit-out for a new-build project for Glasgow University on the Garscube Estate. The building looks to integrate itself into the landscape setting of the campus.
Exterior View 1

Architecture » Professional » NHS, Caird House / Coathill

  • Architect: Archial Architects
  • Project: NHS, Caird House / Coathill
  • Location: Hamilton / Airdrie
  • Value: n/a
  • Year: 2007
  • Assisted on feasibility study for the development of new hospital building. This included refurbishment of existing building stock or a new build hospital at Hamilton and also a new build hospital in Airdrie.
NHS, Caird House

Architecture » Professional » Caledonian University

  • Architect: Archial Architects
  • Project: Caledonian University
  • Location: Glasgow, UK
  • Value: n/a
  • Year: 2008
  • Interior refurbishment of existing university building
Caledonian University

Architecture » Professional » Hutcheson Grammar

  • Architect: Archial Architects
  • Project: Hutcheson Grammar
  • Location: Glasgow, UK
  • Value: £3m
  • Year: 2008
  • A new-build project for Hutcheson Educational Trust to accommodate their Drama Department
  • Assisted in design development and drawing package
Hutcheson Grammar

Architecture » Professional » Laurieston House

  • Architect: Archial Architects
  • Project: Laurieston House
  • Location: Carlton Place, Glasgow
  • Value: n/a
  • Year: 2005
  • A feasibility study for conversion of grade A-listed building into offices and flats for private developer. Also required the buildings period features to be restored.
Laurieston House

Architecture » Professional » Martyr's Baptist Church

  • Architect: Archial Architects
  • Project: Martyr's Baptist Church
  • Location: Townhead, Glasgow
  • Value: n/a
  • Year: 2008
  • Assisted in feasibility study of church site which included a new church and flatted development.
Martyr's Baptist Church

Architecture » Professional » McGarvey Construction

  • Architect: Archial Architects
  • Project: McGarvey Construction
  • Location: Sneddon St, Paisley
  • Value: £30m
  • Year: 2007
  • A wasteland site to be transformed into a smart cosmopolitan area. The proposals include the development of a 132-bed hotel, 70,000 sq ft of new office space and 26 luxury apartments with private parking.
McGarvey Construction

Architecture » Professional » Roes House

  • Architect: Archial Architects
  • Project: Roes House
  • Location: n/a
  • Value: n/a
  • Year: 2007
  • Assisting on visualisations of refurbishment of existing dwelling for private client.
Roes House

Architecture » Professional » Royal Cresent Hotel

  • Architect: Archial Architects
  • Project: Royal Cresent Hotel
  • Location: Glasgow
  • Value: n/a
  • Year: 2007
  • Assisted in visualisations of the hotel room refurbishment.
Royal Cresent Hotel

Architecture » Professional » St Vincent Crescent Sub-Station

  • Architect: Archial Architects
  • Project: St Vincent Crescent Sub-Station
  • Location: Glasgow
  • Value: £1m
  • Year: 2008
  • A feasibility study for a new-build sub-station. Assisted in design development which had to meet sub-station plant requirements as well as integrating the building in a urban context and maintaining intriguing visual exterior.
St Vincent Crescent Sub-Station

Architecture » Professional » Trades House

  • Architect: Archial Architects
  • Project: Trades House
  • Location: Glasgow
  • Value: n/a
  • Year: 2008
  • Assisted in visualisations of function suite of listed building in the Glasgow City Centre
Trades House

Architecture » Academic » Chris Malcolm Exhibition

  • Project: Chris Malcolm Exhibition
  • Location: Strathclyde University, Glasgow
  • Value: n/a
  • Year: 06-07
Chris Malcolm Exhibition

Architecture » Academic » Digital Gallery Resource Center

  • Project: Digital Gallery Resource Center
  • Location: Strathclyde University, Glasgow
  • Value: n/a
  • Year: 06-07
Digital Gallery Resource Center

Architecture » Academic » Figurative Art

  • Project: Figurative Art
  • Location: Broomielaw, Glasgow
  • Value: n/a
  • Year: 2006-2007
  • The brief is to create a new home to bring a selection of the vast collection of paintings and drawings, held at the Burrell museum in Pollok Park, into the city. At present only a small number of, light sensitive, artworks from the collection are on display due to the lack of suitable space while the rest lie unseen in storage.
Figurative Art

Architecture » Academic » Forth and Clyde Freight Canal

  • Project: Forth and Clyde Freight Canal - a strategy to re:animate the canal
  • Location: Port Dundas, Glasgow
  • Value: n/a
  • Year: 2007-2008
  • Thesis Movie
  • In Scotland, 2004, 53% of freight, 173million tonnes compared to 145million in 2003, was transported via road which resulted in increased congestion on the country's road infrastructure. With global warming on the world agenda, there is a need to reduce carbon emissions by encouraging more sustainable freight transport by rail and water.
  • This strategy is providing a basis from which regeneration of the canal can be built upon at not just the local scale but also national and beyond. Port Dundas is one of many in the canal network of satellite transfer points. It is important to maintain the integrity of its heritage. The solution is to animate the water 'the bit in the middle', not just the occasional tourist boat but over a 24hr cycle by reinstating the canal as a freight route.
Forth and Clyde Freight Canal

Architecture » Academic » Small University Library

  • Project: Small University Library
  • Location: Eichstaett, Germany
  • Value: n/a
  • Year: 2006-2007
  • The site is located west of Eichstaett on the banks of the Altmuhl River and is also one of the main routes in/out of the town. The street is occupied by towering religious architecture when entering the town.
  • The aim concept was to create a break out space to announce the adjacent church and would also serve as the main access to the library.
Small University Library

Architecture » Academic » Twos Company

  • Project: Twos Company
  • Location: Crow Road, Glasgow
  • Value: n/a
  • Year: 2004-2005
  • This project gave us our first experience of working with another colleague. The brief was to design a living unit, incorporate facilities for the occupants to provide services to the public. Our chosen professions are martial-arts tuition and graphic designer.
Twos Company

Architecture » Freelance


Architecture » Freelance » Splaces by Nora Aridi

  • Project: Splaces by Nora Aridi
  • Location: Beirut, Lebanon / Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Value: n/a
  • Year: 2008
  • A study looking at leftover spaces in, war torn, Beirut and, planned, Eindhoven. The aim is to bring communities together through the regeneration of such spaces.

Book » Forth & Clyde Canal Urban Strategies

  • Project: Forth and Clyde Canal Urban Strategies
  • Location: Glasgow
  • Value: Limited-print
  • Year: 07-08

"The work featured in this book describes our journey through the year, from the study of the area to the establishment of aims and goals, briefs and agendas for the pursuit of realistic but ambitious regeneration strategies, to the development of students' thesis as an execution of complex urban proposals." University of Strathclyde

Forth & Clyde Canal Urban Strategies

Essays » Seamless Space

  • Download:Seamless Space
  • Abstract:
  • "In city streets and city centres, social activities will generally be more superficial, with the majority being passive contacts - seeing and hearing a great number of unknown people. But even this limited activity can be very appealing." Jan Gehl, Life Between Buildings
  • The public realm plays an important role in urban life which contributes to the perceptions of urban memory. It brings a sense of togetherness in which spaces are valued as a place of shared experience. However, urban enjoyment is often neglected and places often lack a cultural cohesion. Within urban life we receive vast amounts of information which invoke our imagination to inspire new ideas and generate new perceptions.
Poland/Lodz, Piotrkowska Street


13th June 2009

Going Back to university.

12th June 2009

Architecture is most exclusive profession